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Bridge House

Client: Robert and Christine Hutson

The house was designed and constructed by Robert Hutson for his family in Essex. After an exhaustive search a site was found close to Chelmsford in the village of Danbury. Over the next two years the house was both designed and constructed by the family with only the brickwork and roof tiling outsourced.

The completed project achieved its two primary functions; one, as a family home, which 39 years later we are still happily living within, and two, as an architectural statement and manifesto for the Practice. The house was very successful in this area being published in many journals, articles and books.

The house actually reflects the approach of Robert Hutson and the Practice in that it is a response to the site, the brief and the budget; a genuine piece of design rather than mere styling where the forms are derived from context and function with materials being used sparingly and efficiently.