As an Architect, I have always believed that design does not stop with the external fabric, but carries on through to the total environment; this includes furniture design. This philosophy was practiced in its most perfect sense on my own house, where having designed and constructed the house, I then moved on to design and make, many of the pieces of furniture.

This philosophy is based upon a confidence, which says we do not just have to buy off the shelf products, but can develop and produce bespoke items for our clients and ourselves. This body of work has proved to be substantial with the passage of time. Ranging from rustic garden seats to sleek tables for the boardroom or grand dining occasions. In between there are sofas and tables galore, with many smaller pieces.

On our website we show an illustrative number of items. They should not be considered as products for sale, but the end of a process. This encompasses the relationship between the client and the Architect, whereby designs and materials can be discussed and evaluated, leading to a bespoke item of furniture. A network of workshops and craftsmen, with whom we have worked with over many years, then produces the item.

I hope you find the work illustrated here interesting and hope that you will contact us to discuss where these skills might be effectively deployed for your office or home environment. The Book Shelf The Garden Chair The Meeting Table The Dining Table